Why I want to attend Spark.me?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Because it only needs a spark to make a fire. #SparkMe

Recently, I started thinking more about what it means to have a blog and is it worth it to spend time working on it. Even though I live in a country where social media is not taken as serious as in other places, I like investing my time, love and energy in creating content for myself, my audience, my friends or the people I will meet along the way.

 For me, this blog was a way to open up, speak up and grow as a person. I can see my progress as I go back to old blog post, I can see how people react to my ideas, feelings, thoughts. I can find people who I can connect with, that we share the same ideas and maybe learn from each others experiences, be inspired and get motivated to do more, to be more. 

This never ending journey started with me opening a twitter account, unlocking it and making it public, and learning not to be afraid to say what is on your mind. Then 140 characters were not enough and I needed more space for my thoughts. I learned how to share my opinion and write it down as a coherent thought. 

I always loved creative writhing, I love the power of words, how they connect and form a beautiful sentences, and how they can effect you, inspire you, change you or just make you think more. So I started my first blog. At first, I was keeping it light and connected with twitter. Then I started writhing more and more about things that bother me or I think may need more attention. But now, after more than 3 years, having a blog is not just a way to spend my free time, but more of having a platform to spread a message you feel deeply about. 

I want to inspire, to share, to make myself step out of my comfort zone. That's why I want this blog to grow even more, develop and become what I think it has the potential to be. I would like to learn more and be surrounded with different, open minded people who share the same passion about life,  and do what they love without calling it work. That is why I want to attend Spark.me, because I want to meet those people, hear and share their stories and learn from their experiences!

Because we are all writers to our own life stories, and I am ready to start writing down mine.

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