Review: Golden Rose Luxury Rich Color Lipgloss & Lipliner

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recently everyone were telling me to try some products by this brand called Golden Rose that I have never bought anything from before. I was skeptic to be honest, because their products are really affordable, so that got me thinking that their quality is not up to my high expectations. But some days ago I was walking past one of their many mall shops and I said to myself that there is nothing wrong with trying and seeing it for myself.

This lip gloss instantly got my attention because of the color and I quickly found a lip pencil in the similar color. To be honest, this brand has a lot to offer and you have a wide selection of makeup and beauty products to choose from. I end up leaving the store with quite a few products and I was excited to try them out as soon as I get back home.

So, my first impression was that the lip liner was awesome! I love lip liners and I have many different brands in my collection and I must say I was impressed! I would probably go back and get more colors in the nearest future because the color was perfect, it went on my lips smoothly and it stayed in place. The color number is 207 and it is 110 denars or around 2 euros. Great product! Plus I usually wear only lip pencils because I find them the most long wearing.

My first impression of the lip gloss was that it smelled beautiful, like some fruit or something, but I really enjoy the smell. The color number is 21, the price is 195 dinars or around 3 euros and some cents. It gives great color payment with only one coat and it is easy to apply with the brush applicator. It is not the longest wear but I don't care to be honest because when I eat or drink something I like to wipe my lip gloss of my lips. Plus, this is not a lipstick, it is a lip gloss so it is expected that it is not the longest wear.

Have you tried this products? How do you like them? I love love love them both! They will probably be my most used combo for the upcoming season because I love darker lips and I love autumn. So, I am ready for the colder days and darker makeup. Thank you for everyone who were telling me to try Golden Roses products, I am highly impressed.

ps. More reviews are coming soon! If you have something you want me to look into, please write a comment down bellow and I will see what I can do!

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