All times favorite: GOSH Cosmetics Smokey Eyes Palette

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hi friends,

If you know me by now, you will know that when I love a product, I will probably, eventually buy it again, even though I always want to get something different just for the sake of trying something new. My old palette was hitting the pan, so I had to get it again because I am so happy when something really works for me and passes the bar of my very high criteria. 

This palette is by one of my most favorite brands GOSH Cosmetics and comes in four different styles that you can find at your local drugstore. The one I got is the one I will be talking about today, the Smokey Eyes Palette 02 Brown. The others are 01 Black, 03 Plum and 04 Blue, which I haven't tried them yet, but I will. By the way, this palette was one of my first ever makeup palettes that I got when I started working as a freelance makeup artist and it really helped me achieve the perfect smokey eye. It was truly my first, ever love and till this day I keep it next to my Chocolate Bar and Lorac Pro palettes.

I love this palette for many reasons. First, I love the colors. I am all about the nudes and the neutrals. In this palette you get 4 different warm neutrals: light champagne, medium caramel, light brown and dark chocolate color. The lightest two have a nice shimmer and the other are matte. All of these are great for creating different, everyday makeup looks with little to no effort. You can use them separately, you can mix them, you can blend them, or you can create a eye line with them. I love how much you can do with this palette!

The second thing I love is the packaging: elegant, simple, black, thin and slick, with transparent top that will not take up much space in your makeup bag, so you can take it everywhere with you. One thing I love love love about GOSH Cosmetics is that their products are well protected so you know you are the first one that opens them and they are not touched by anyone else. Also, the palette has a simple guide on one way that you can use the eye shadows which is pretty cool if you are a beginner. 

The third thing that I love is the versatility and the high quality of the eye shadows. Easy to apply, they blend effortlessly and they stay as long as you need them to stay. Keep it in mind that I always use a primer and you should use one too. No eye shadow is perfect so expect a little fallout. I don't mind that because I simply brush it away with a bigger, fluffier brush.  

The next thing I love about this palette is that I can use it for quickly filling my brows. Yup, I said it. On most days, this is how I achieve my perfect brows. The darkest color is my perfect match and it works wonderfully as a brow product. It gets the job done better than many brow products that are only designed for you brows. Plus, you can mix two colors to get your perfect shade.

The last thing I love: the price. You get 4 awesome eye shadows, 8 g 0.3 oz of priduct for less than $10 or 8 euros. In my country it costs 444 den. which is a great price for something that lasts as long as you don't use it all, and believe me you will use this palette until there is now eye shadow left in it and then you will go and get another one, just like I did.

I use this palette to create my everyday makeup looks. I take the first, lightest eye shadow and I highlight the brow bone. Than I use the second all over my lid. Then I take the third to define my crease and I finish with the darkest creating a thin, soft, smokey line close to my lash line. Then I apply my mascara and I am good to go. When I want to create a more intense look I just add more of the darkest color and I add black, liquid eyeliner and I am ready for a night out.

That's it for this palette, please write a comment down below if you tried it or if you are planning on trying it, you know I love reading your comments. I was planning on filming a makeup tutorial using this palette so tell me if you want to see that. Again, thanks for reading my post and I hope you liked this one as much as I loved writing about one of my all time favorites! 10/10

I have so much more to tell you about my all times favorites and new found loves, so lets stay in touch!

Have a great day,
Lots of love

ps: Here is an example of a quick makeup look that I created using this palette, the Gosh Rebel Eyes mascara and the Gosh Xtreme Liquid Gel eyeliner. I also used this palette to fill in my brows and give them that perfect shape. Do you want to see a tutorial on this look on my YouTube channel? 

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