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Sunday, October 09, 2016

I love meeting new and exciting people who radiate positive energy, follow their wild hearts and work hard core on their ideas. So when I first met this young lady and when she told me her story, I knew we will be friends for a lifetime and her story will inspire so many people just like she inspired me. 

This is not a typical brand and this is not your regular skin care. These products are created with lots of love, heavy thinking and attention to details. The founder's name is Nena Stojova and she is originally from Kochani, Macedonia but lives in Stockholm, Sweaden where she creates these products by herself in her small studio. She says that her brand Bare Origin was born of the purest desire to share the treasures of her bathroom cabinet with the rest of the world. 

"I love traveling and wherever I go I am always curious to learn about ingredients the locals have been using traditionally to promote radiance and well being. Inside out and outside in. Bare Origin is inspired by these travels - from Jordan to Hawaii. Sourcing the ingredients with transparency was important to me because I wanted to bring the stories behind their production in front of the public eye, so we can understand the hard-work and dedication that goes into making them as well as the environmental risks our natural resources are facing due to climate changes.Bare Origin is a story of love and dedication and a journey of re-connection to oneself and the roots."

She travels the world, finding the most powerful ingredients from local, small, family owned businesses. She dedicated her life, love and energy on this idea where it is possible to use skin care that is 100% natural, transparent and made of fresh, pure and potent ingredients. Her ingredients are wild-harvested or organic. She will never use chemicals or shelf life extending additives in her products. She even uses the special MIRON glass bottles that have high protective qualities. She is a true #GIRLBOSS.

When I first saw the products, I was impressed by the simple but well thought design and the high quality of the bottle. I used only one small drop of the Rose Argan Oil to try out the product on my hand. I was speechless. This was like pure magic. My skin was immediately feeling smooth, looking radiant and smelling like roses. But not like a perfume but like that was my natural scent. This is heaven for my skin. So I decided to change my morning and night time skin routine. The Golden Chocolate Oil in the morning after I clean my face with warm water and the Rose Argan Oil at night before I go to bed. My skin is reborn!

How I would describe my experience with these products? Luxury, highest quality, pure perfection. Not a single flaw! Will I use these products? YES, absolutely, from now till forever. I am in love! The ingredients are 100% pure, unrefined, unroasted, cold-pressed argan oil (argania spinosa) with rose essential oil or organic raw cacao beans and pure burbon vanila, and she makes them by herself and supports a woman cooperative in Moroco. So, vegan, not tested on animals, artisan skin care and a true must have!

So, if you like to know more about her, her products and her brand, go to and follow her on social media instagram & facebook

PS. If you are from Skopje, Macedonia and you would like to meet this incredible woman, hear her story in person and try out her products click here! She is throwing a party you don't wanna miss!

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