Get ready for: The perfect date

Thursday, October 06, 2016

You are excited, you can't believe the day has finally come! Get out of bed, you waited for this for so long and your time is now. You don't know what to do first, what to wear or how to do your makeup. Don't worry, I am here to help! So, put your favorite music on and let's start!

Here are my tips on how to get ready for your perfect date!

1. The skin - Treat yourself with a long, hot shower. First, it will make you feel more relaxed. Second, you will be fresh and clean. Use your favorite shower gel that you keep for special occasions and use that shampoo that makes your hair smells nice. After you are done in the shower use a gentle face mask, clean your face thoroughly and moisturize. All of this will give you a healthy glow.

2. The hair - After you washed it and it smells perfect, blow dry it using some of your favorite products that make your hair look even more fabulous. Than choose between your curling wand or your flat iron. Make sure you have the best hair day ever. Create something simple, like you did not put too much effort into it.

3. The makeup - My favorite part! Don't use too much makeup. Go for a simple look and put an accent on the eyes. Use a lighter coverage foundation and some good concealer. Something I would do is a soft neutral smokey eye, thin winged eyeliner and mascara on the eyes; bronzer, highlighter and blush on the cheeks and a nude lip. Simple, yet classy.

4. The nails - Don't forget the details! Clean, well shaped, healthy nails are really important part if you want to leave a good impression. Lots can be said about you from just looking at your nails. Nobody likes nail chipping or nail biting. Use some of your favorite nail polish that will compliment your look.

5. The OOTD - Depending where you are going, choose something that makes you feel good as well as look good. Comfy clothes that fit you nicely and give you more confidence are those clothes that you will want to choose from. Just remember to wear something that makes you happy, not something that you think will make you be liked more by the other person. Don't forget to add some simple jewelry.. the devil's in the details.

6. The bag - Take everything you think you need, but don't pack a suitcase. When we go out we tend to take more stuff with us than we actually need to. Take your phone (previously fully charged just in case), your wallet and your money, some of your favorite gum, your keys, a mirror and your lipstick and you are ready to go.

7. The perfume - Your smell is everything. Just like it gives you confidence, it also attracts the other person. It also can make you more memorable and it can leave a great impression. Don't change your perfume so much. Let it be your trademark. It is more powerful than you think.

8. The shoes - Never wear something on your feet that looks good but makes you feel pain. No matter the cost, it is more important to walk, dance and enjoy your time than to sit at a table thinking about your feet and how much you want to go home and take your shoes off. Trust me, I know.

9. The smile - The most important thing is to feel good vibes and give good vibes. Don't give fake smiles just because you think you need to. And don't be afraid to laugh! Be yourself and let your true personality shine. You are the best and there is nobody out there just like you. Remember that.

10. The time - Take a deep breath..You are ready! Being late 5-10 minutes is okay but try to be on time. That will show that you are respectful of yours and other people's time. Than forget about the clock and enjoy your date!

All of the things I mentioned above are there to make YOU feel good and give YOU more confidence. You are the most important person here and this is your story. You don't need to be someone else, dress like somebody else or do something that does not make you happy. You don't need to change so you can fit in the puzzle. Do whatever makes you, you! Do you, be you, that's what I always like to say. Everything else will fall into place eventually.
ps. all of the photos above are not mine, I got them from (:

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