#LazySunday: 5 TV Shows I Like To Watch

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I really don't like spending so mush time in front of the TV. That is way I don't like watching long and complicated shows that last so many seasons and have a deep story that I have to remember so I can understand what is going on. The shows I like to watch are funny, light and romantic. Usually I watch them in the morning with my breakfast and a cup of coffee and that is why I like them short, chill, sweet with no pressure or too much drama. 
This is a list of my favorite TV shows I like to watch every week. 

 1. 2 Broke Girls 
[every Monday, one episode is approximately 20 minutes, season 6 at the moment]
Two very different girls become best friends, roommates, co-workers and partners in crime. The two of them work at a diner in Brooklyn as waitresses and are trying to find other ways to save enough money to start their own cupcake business.

2. New Girl
[every Tuesday, one episode is approximately 20 minutes, season 6 at the moment]
Jess is a young teacher who finds out that her boyfriend is cheating, breaks up with him and moves into an apartment with three men. Her friend Cece and the guys will become really close and they are always trying to deal with their daily drama, carrier choices and relationship problems.

3. Young & Hungry
[one episode is approximately 20 minutes, waiting for season 5]
Gabi is hired to be a professional personal chef for this wealthy, young tech entrepreneur named Josh who wants to propose to his girlfriend but she breaks up with him and Josh ends up heaving a drunk one night stand with Gabi. The story evolves as they try to hide their feelings from themselves, their friends and Josh's other employees. 

4. Younger
[every Wednesday, one episode is approximately 20 minutes, season 3 at the moment]
A recently divorced 40 years old mother tries to find a job so she can support herself and her daughter but has to start from the bottom and because it is hard to find a job at her age, her best friend gives her a makeover and she lies that she is 26 to get the job as a assistant at a publishing firm.

5. No Tomorrow 
[every Tuesday, one episode is approximately 45 minutes, season 1 at the moment]
Evie likes to have an organised, ordinary, controlled life until she spontaneously meets this free- spirited adventurist who believes that the apocalypse is coming. He has a list of things he wants to do before the world comes to an end and he inspired Evie to think about creating one for herself too.

*Bonus: Pretty Little Liars
[one episode is approximately 45 minutes, season 7 at the moment]
A group of friends start to receive messages from a mysterious person named A who threatens and tortures them for the mistakes they have made before and after their friend Allison was missing and found dead. They are brought back together trying to solve the mystery behind the life and lies of Allison, the leader of the group. 
*This is the only dramatic show I watch and I watch it because I have been watching it from season 1 and I really want to know how it ends. Only few episodes left.

So, this is it. I watched more but I lose interest easily if the show is too long, complicated, dramatic and/or there is too much time between seasons that I end up forgetting what happened.

What do you like to watch? 

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