#ManiMonday: How to have beautiful, healthy nails?

Monday, October 17, 2016

I loved having long acrylic nails. I first got my nails done by professional for my prom. I primarily got them done because I was biting my nails too much and I needed a way to stop myself from doing that. But, because I wore fake nails for so long, my own nails started to become thinner and weaker. I had to learn that taking care of my natural nails daily and be patient for them to grow longer and stronger is more important than having long nails that were not my own, only looked good for few weeks and were hard and expensive to maintain.

*My few simple tips for healthy nails are:
1. Stop biting them. This was my biggest problem. I know it is gross but I did it anyway. When I started taking care of my nails daily, I didn't want to ruin my hard work and I stopped biting them.
2. Protect them from harsh substances, nail polishes and polish removers and don't use them as tools for opening stuff.
3. Use moisturizer daily and use argan oil on your cuticles at night before going to bed.
4. Take care of them, trim them regularly and don't chop the nail polish on purpose.
5. Eat healthy food & drink a lot of water. This is the most important and for your whole body not only for your nails.

But, my one secret ingredient that changed my nails was something that was recommended to me by my dear friend Simonna and that was the Eveline Cosmetics 8 in 1 Total Action intensive nail conditioner. She told me this product was magical and that I need it in my life as soon as possible. After I immediately got it and started using it regularly I realized it was the one solution for my many problems. It completely regenerated and reconstructed my nails. It made them stronger, smoother and shinier than ever before. I even noticed that my nails are growing faster. I am using my third bottle now and I even got the Eveline Cosmetics Argan Elixir 8 in 1 intensely regenerating oil for cuticles and nails that nourishes and revitalizes cuticles and strengthens and hardens nails.

I use two coats of the 8in1 total action and I let it dry really good before I apply nail polish. I usually don't even use the nail polish because I like the way my nails look like with this nail conditioner only. It gives them a shiny look, a healthy glow with a tint of color. I take it off every 4 to 5 days and I reapply the 2 coats or if my nails are healthy I only do one coat as a base coat.
I use the Argan Elixir before I go to bed or just after I have done my nails and they are dry. It is really concentrated and it is quickly absorbed into the cuticles and the nails. The elixir is a combination of pure argan, avocado and almond oil. This product smells really really nice and gives an additional shine to my nails.

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