Review: Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayon

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I love autumn. It is my favorite season of them all. I love the sweater weather, the long scarfs, the leather jackets, the ankle boots. My favorite thing about this period of the year is the darker makeup, especially the darker lips. But, I am not the lipstick kind of girl. I love lip pencils and I use them all over my lips. They last longer and they are matte. The only thing that I don't like about them is that I use them so much they don't last me that long. I always keep them in my purse and they are easier to apply. So, when my friends told me I should go get these crayons I knew they will become my new favorite makeup items in my collection.

The hardest decision was to choose from the wide selection of colors. At the end I got three matte lipstick crayons, number 05, 11 and 19. At first they look similar but if you look closely you would see quite big differences, Number 05 is darker red, number 11 is pinkish nude and number 19 is soft
mauve. There were so many more I wanted to buy but I had to choose few so I can try them first.

They are really easy to apply on the lips, they have a soft formula that don't dry the lips but moisturize them, they have a sweet scent, they last really long and they give high coverage leaving the lips absolute matte. The best part is that for the great quality, they are really affordable, you get 3.5g of product in a simple sleek packaging that you can take everywhere with you. They are 2.30/$2.60 or 140 denars and can be found in every Golden Rose store.

The only down side is that you need a bigger pencil sharpener. I recommend getting a double sized one because you can use it for your normal and bigger pencils. (:

It really makes me happy finding products that I truly love and enjoy wearing and then I can write about them with high confidence. These lipstick crayons definitely go on my favorites list and hopefully one day I will have all of the 24 colors in my collection!

Have you tried them? Would you like to try them? Leave a comment down bellow! I know everybody are talking about them and everybody are loving them like crazy that makes me feel like I am late to the party! If I am being honest with you, Golden Rose is impressing me more and more every time.

The application and the color pay off of the crayon number 19 can be seen in my video Glamorous Fall Makeup Tutorial, the other two are amazing as well but this color is my everyday go to lip color of the season. For more pictures of these crayons follow my Instagram!

Did you like this blog post? If you did, share it with your friends, they may be looking for something like this to enter their makeup collection. 

Thank you for reading my blog, you are awesome! 

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  1. Сум користела од овие ама друга нијанса,розевка и незнам точно која бројка беше.И мене многу ми се допаднаа,меки се усните и не се сушат.
    ps. Би сакала да прочитам твој пост за здрава храна,односно кои работи би било добро да се избегнуваат,или tips for staying healthy in college.
    Браво за блогот
    Поздрав :)

    1. Yeess girl yeeees! <3 Коментаров ми го направи денот! :* Обавезно пишувам таков блог пост! Фала ти за прекрасната идеја и на тебе ќе го посветам. ^^

    2. Мило ми е што ти се допадна идејата <3 :*