Nail Polish Declutter

Monday, November 14, 2016

As I was cleaning my room I realized that I own so many stuff that I don't use at all. They only take up so much space and all they do is gathering dust every day. Some of them are things I bought over the years that don't make sense anymore. Others are simple things that were gifts or just a piece of memory left from a period of time what ended so long ago.

But my question is, why are we connected to things and why are we identifying with those things? Do we think that owning more is better or we are just used to the idea that maybe one day we will need them and all they do is sit there on the shelf being a part of our never ending collection? Our wealth is not represented by the things we own. At some point the things we own end up owning us. Our space, our time, our freedom. And I won't be a part of that kind of thinking or living.

So, I decided to get rid of as much stuff as possible and start a new chapter in my life.
I am downsizing, decluttering and simplifying my life and giving away everything that I no longer need, use or I just keep it because I think I will need it sometime in the future. I started working on this while writing my previous blog post where I wrote about the best mascara I have ever used. After I published the blog post I threw away all of the mascaras I don't use anymore, that are old or not working for me.

Next is my nail polish collection. My never ending desire to buy new nail polish that I'll probably never use. How come I like to collect nail polishes but I end up only wearing few colors? This needs to stop. first of all I set aside all the products that are from brands I don't support anymore. Second, I selected all the colors I don't use or don't like on my nails. And third, I left only those who are newer and of good quality. Here is what I ended up with. Awesome progress, right?

ps. Also, I don't want to throw the ones that are not used at all so if you are someone who loves nail polishes and does not care about the brand and that their products are tasted on animals, I will give you my Avon nail polish collection in this pink makeup bag that I also got from Avon. Just leave me a comment down bellow or write me an email and I will send them to you. You will do me a favor. (:

Hope you liked this post.
Stay awesome!

Minimalism and renaissance. 

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  1. Ми се свиѓa идејaтa нa пoстoт,бидејќи си се прoнaoѓaм,дoпoлнителнo јaс чувaм и пaрфеми искoристени или oние штo сум престaнaлa дa ги кoристaм
    Ps: I want those nailpolishes ������

    1. и јас чував истрошени шишенца од парфеми и парфеми кои не сум ги користела, а сум ги добила за подарок, ама се тоа е веќе исчистено, нема потреба од собирање глупости кои немаат повеќе никаква функција освен седење на полица. (:
      пс. зашто си unknown, не знам како да те исконтактирам за лаковите. ^^

    2. Сум зaбoрaвилa :/ немoжaм сегa дa гo сменaм.. Ти пишaв нa мaил вчерa :)
      Небитнo,aкo веќе си ги пoдaрилa:)

    3. уште не се подарени, не добив одговор од девојката која после тебе оставила коментар. :)
      ако сеуште сакаш, тебе ти следуваат, сепак ти прва остави коментар. ^^

  2. Great post :)
    Ps. I want those nailpolishes too 😊😊😊

    1. фала што ме читаш! :*
      пс. како да те исконтактирам за лаковите? Спакувани се и те чекаат трпеливо. ^^

  3. Одличен пост! Многу сакам постови за decluttering, не знам зошто ама убаво ми е да гледам како луѓе си го чистат просторот од непотребни работи, ме инспирира да продолжам и јас со тоа. :) Ме интересира кои се тие skull лакови и дали би можела да направиш пост за фирми кои не тестираат на животни, а кои се продаваат кај нас. :3

    1. Skull Лаковите се од Blackheart Beauty и ги купив од Aмерика од Hot Topic. А за постот за фирми кои не тестираат, а се продаваат кај нас, обавезно, фала за идејта, само треба уште малку да се истражува. Фала ти за коментарот! ^^

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