New Aura Geisha Collection Review

Sunday, November 13, 2016

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If you have been reading my blog and following me on my social media for a longer time you would know that Aura Cosmetics are by far one of my most favorite drugstore brands ever! They are of great quality for a reasonable price tag and it made me extremely happy and excited to see that they came up with a new collection. The collection is inspired by the Geisha and it contains two blushes, two liquid lipsticks, two sets of eyelashes, a setting powder and a gel eyeliner. I wanted to get them all but I decided to only buy few items and try them out first before committing to the full package.

Let's talk about the Aura Geisha Gel Eyeliner. First of all I have to say the packaging and the design of it is pure perfection! I love the black and white box with the beautiful geisha on it. On the packaging it says: "Jelly texture, glides on smoothly and precisely, black matte finish."

Inside you get the gel eyeliner and a brush that you can use to apply the eyeliner. The eyeliner is nicely pigmented, it dries quickly and it gives a matte finish. But, it is hard to apply, I must say. I have been using gel eyeliners all my life and this one was hard to get on my eyelid. It is not something you do in one stroke of the brush like it says on the packaging, but it needs building up.

It is great for a beginner that doesn't have a steady hand, but for me that I usually do my eyeliner in seconds, it took some time to really get what I wanted, and that really irritated me. It's a little bit too dry for me. But, it didn't move for the whole time I was wearing it and it was easy to remove. The brush is great though. I actually preferred using that one and not my Sigma small eye liner E10.
Hmmm.. maybe a 7/10 or am I being to harsh?

Just a little side note: This eyeliner reminds me so much of the L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner, which was my ultimate favorite up until I went cruelty free. As you all know L'Oreal tests on animals and I don't support that so I don't use that anymore. I was looking for a replacement and hoping that that will be this one from Aura, but I have to say even though with the one from Aura you get a lot more product and it is cheaper, still the one from L'Oreal is better and if you don't care for the animals and you want #eyelineronfleek, go get the one from L'Oreal. And if you know a gel eyeliner that is great, cruelty free and it doesn't cost a small fortune please leave a comment down bellow for me to check it out. Thanks.

I love Aura's eyelashes and I have been using them for so long that I don't even consider trying a different brand. I love 04 Miaou Miaou, 05 Velvet Eye and 10 Slightly Nightly.  Those are my top three must haves! They are my 10/10! And when I saw that new ones came out I knew I needed to try them ASAP! I got the 16 Mononoke because it looked more natural than the Maiko ones. They are great as expected, super cute and comfortable, but the one thing I didn't like was that the eyelash hairs are so closely glued together that they create this black eyelash line and it can be seen that you wear falsies.

With the other ones that I mentioned above in this paragraph I never got that, and that's probably why I would continue buying them. However, these are gorgeous eyelashes, they are of great quality, reusable, easy to apply, easy to take off and are not expensive at all. You got sooo many to choose from that at the end of the day everyone is happy and satisfied. I just don't like dramatic ones but if you do, these will be the one for you. For the new 16 Mononoke Aura Eyelashes I would give 8/10

Next we have the Geisha Blusher. The one I got is Maiko which is cool toned multicolored blush, it has three colors: light pink, bright red and deep purple. The packaging is simple, light, thin and you get a nice size mirror inside. The blush smells beautiful and looks gorgeous! It is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way with this one. It applies smoothly and it blends easily. I don't use blush that much, just a light tint of color is all I like on my cheeks.
I highly recommend this product. On my favorites list for sure. Geisha Blush by Aura 10/10

And last but not least, the icing on the cake, the cherry on the top, the Aura Geisha Matte Lip Cream. This liquid lipstick is my ultimate favorite thing out of this collection and that is why I am writhing about it at the end of this long blog post. This lipstick is everything I wished for and more. This is the best liquid lipstick I have ever used and I am so so happy that I got it. I must admit at first I was a little skeptical but after I swatched it at the store I was instantly in love! After it dries it doesn't go anywhere. Fist of all, I got the Maiko one and the color is to die for. Second, it is matte and it doesn't dry the lips. It is easy to apply, it dries nicely, smells sweet and it stays all night long! I went out yesterday and when I came home in the middle of the night and I saw myself in the mirror it was still there! Amazing! I am not that kind of a girl that goes to the bathroom to check herself out and fix her makeup and I don't have to do that with this one. The one and only negative thing about it is that it does not come in more shades. The other shade is a red one named Mononoke and I would probably get it if I decide to get a red lipstick. I highly, highly recommend this one! 10/10

Here are some swatches from the products mentioned in this blog post. I am so bad at swatching because it is not how it really looks like and never gives the effect you get in real life, but most of you will probably want to see how they swatch so here it is. Bare in mind the pictures are taken under a white neon light so the color can be a little washed off.
Also I don't photoshop my pictures so I can give you the real deal.
Overall, Geisha is a beautiful collection. I like how Aura works on the representation and the look of their products and how they frequently come up with new, interesting stuff.

ps. Here is a picture of me using the products and creating this simple makeup look. At the end of the day all you need is an eyeliner, a pair of falsies, nice blush and a liquid lipstick to rock your world.

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  1. Huge fan of Aura cosmetics!! Love this :)))

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  2. Руменилото и течниот кармин веднаш ги ставам на листа заради постов :)
    Aura имаат многу добри производи по супер цени, од нив најомилен ми е highlighter-от, а додека се фарбав и фарбите за коса ^^

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