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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Photo of me eating taken by Elena Fidanska for Reborn (:

For the last two and a half years, the first thing I am doing when I arrive somewhere I have never been before is googling where can I find places or restaurants that serve vegan food. A lot of times all I did was buying ingredients from the local market and making myself something to eat but other times I just wanted to go somewhere, sit at a table and order something tasty and healthy without worrying what am I eating and what is it made of.

I know in other countries is not a big deal being vegan but in our country it is something not many understand, approve or talk about without starting an argument. I remember few years ago I was so hungry and so lazy at the same time that I asked on twitter if anybody knows where to find vegan fast food or something and instantly I was made fun of. At least that is how I felt, they probably were just making jokes about something I really care deeply about.

That is the purpose of this blog post and it is dedicated to all of those who are traveling and visiting our lovely city Skopje. Or you are just somebody that lives, studies or works in Skopje and want to try out this awesome places. I hope there are many others and probably there are but these are my favorite places to go and get something to eat when I am out or too lazy to cook for myself at home.

The first time I tried raw spinach and I loved it!
This is probably the best place to find vegan food and my most favorite one. The owner Ana Azgour is an awesome human and started from writing her food blog to owning a small business that is continuously growing every day. She is preparing everything by herself and her team in the back of her small restaurant and she pays a lot of attention to derails, serving healthy and tasty raw vegan food and being exceptionally kind to her returning costumers. She is a true inspiration and a example of a wonderful daughter, mother and a true #girlboss.
Her menu offers everything from salads to shakes to burgers to cakes! Everything you can imagine, she makes it! I always have hard time choosing what to order.
Here is a picture of my favorite cake EVER, the chocolate and banana cake.
Two words: Pure perfection!

My first ever vegan burrito!
When I want a fresh Mexican vegan burrito, I go there. They are not a vegan shop or at least vegetarian but they offer different kinds of tasty and healthy vegan burritos you need to try! This one is my favorite. It has black beans, rice, mushrooms, corn and salad. They are not expensive which is always a good thing, the food is delicious and fulfilling, the staff is incredibly nice and welcoming and the interior design is just perfect. Go check them out! They recently opened a second location near my apartment and I couldn't be happier!

The first time I tried raw mushrooms and I was mind blown!
I remember when I first came into this shop and I was mesmerized by all the cool stuff they offer. They are known for their healthy smoothies and chocolate bars. When I first went vegan I had hard time finding vegan chocolate deserts and other sweet things and this was the place that gave me back hope. Also, because they are close to my faculty it was easy for me to get food when I was on break between classes. I will never forget my first salad with fresh mushrooms! I couldn't believe how tastier and healthier they were and I started eating more mushrooms since then. Thank you Vega! Also they renovated their place and now it looks even better than before. Another must raw vegan place on your list for sure!
Here is their famous Chia Choco Pudding! The top part was awesome but the chia part was too much for me. Next time I would stick to the chocolate bars. :D

The best vegan sandwich in town!
This is the place right across my faculty and they have this awesome policy that 34% of the profit goes to donations to those who need them the most. They cook food for the homeless and the socially endangered and they make sure they are a part of every food donation possible. In the shop they have a board when they keep track on how much they donated, They are not a vegan or a vegetarian restaurant but they offer a lot of fresh salads, smoothies, vegetable soups, desserts and few vegan sandwiches. My ultimate favorite is the Hummus Sandwich which is made of hummus, mushrooms, olives, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and green salad. The most important part is that you don't forget to ask for the special, integral bread/bun with sunflower seeds. When I went to get mine for lunch they just sold the last one so I ended up with just the regular, integral one. It wasn't a big deal, but I prefer the one with seeds because it is ppppprfect.

The place I go to when I crave falafel!
This is an Arabian Restaurant in the center of the city where I regularly go to eat. They serve traditional Middle Eastern food that you can't find anywhere else in Skopje (I think, correct me if I am wrong in the comment section down bellow) I really like the falafel which can be served in a pita or on a plate. For those who don't know falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, vegetables and spices. They also have tabouli and hummus which I really like also. Go check them out, the people who work there are really friendly. They are not a vegan restaurant but they told me that the Middle Eastern countries really care about healthy food and they enjoy meals like this. 

The place where I had the first ever vegan burger!
Remember the tweet I was talking about at the beginning of this post? Well one person send me a tweet about this place where they have 2 vegan burgers. I immediately went to check it out. The one of the two options is Super V which is a burger made of chickpeas and the other one is Miss Friends which is а zucchini burger with tomatoes, cucumbers and green salad. It's not the healthiest option in the world because the burger is deep fried, but it is perfect for those lazy days you just want to eat something tasty.

The best Chinese food in Skopje
We always choose this place for every special occasion or for a casual date night. I always order the same thing: noodles with mushrooms and veggies, rice with mushrooms and veggies and my favorite spinach salad. I love this and it is one of my most favorite places to have dinner. They also offer really nice salads and soups.

My first healthy restaurant
This was the first healthy restaurant in our town, I remember I grew up there. My mum was a good friend with the owner and she would always take me with her when she was eating there. But now the restaurant is closed and a small take out place is opened near the center of the city. They are vegetarian fast food restaurant but they offer some amazing vegan food so remember to just ask them for the ingredients.

the picture is not mine and it is taken from their site.
The place where I won't go again.
When you first enter the restaurant you see an open kitchen concept where you can see the owners, a young couple from Skopje, cooking and getting the food ready. You can sit, talk with them, watch them cook and taste the stuff. They are cooking everything raw. As I understood, they were not vegans, but they promote healthy food, which is raw, vegan food. I came for the raw vegan pizza, which was quite expensive. I can't tell you if it was tasty or not because I didn't eat it, they somehow put/mixed s really hot pepper and I couldn't eat it at all. When I told them, they didn't make me another one but gave me a small, one bite chocolate dessert. So, they obviously don't care about the local people. Their business is concentrated to tourists and people who pay for their monthly meals.
Sorry, but this place broke my heart because I was so happy to finally get the opportunity to eat there and it wasn't a pleasant experience.
Here is a picture of the pizza I ordered:

You can also go to these awesome places:
I've been here once or twice, but it is too expensive for me. The interior design is pure awesomeness. They are known for their freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, strong coffees, soups, sandwiches, salads and more. I wonder if the peanut butter cheesecake or the carrot cake are vegan, they look delicious.
*the picture is not mine and it is taken from their fb page
Vitalia Muesli Bar 
Vitalia is my favorite brand when it comes to healthy food. I buy their muesli, soy, soy powder milk, chocolate bars and jams. They have opened two places in Skopje where you can make your own bowl of muesli and customize it yourself. I have never been there but I've seen it and I like how it looks. If you are on the go and don't have a place or time to buy your own muesli, this is the perfect place for you.
*the picture is not mine and it is taken from their fb page
 GO Healthy
A place I have yet to visit, they are known for their coffee to go, but you can also find smoothies, fruit salads, veggie salads and their new vegan sandwich which looks awesome.

*the picture is not mine and it is taken from their fb page

What is your favorite vegan place?

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  1. Great and useful post :) I agree whit most of your reviews, for the places I have visited, and for the few others I believe you are right :) Thank you!

  2. Squeeze me has a great vegan sendwich with humus

  3. I agree with everything you wrote! Especially the parts about "Surovo I vkusni " and BistRaw "Zdravo zivo". The former is a must visit and a must try - delicious raw food and awesome owner, and the later is a must avoid - for most of the meals they offer but mostly because of the way one is treated there! "Freshies" is a great concept a good food, "Harmonija" has great food too, "Squeeze me" also ... what to say more - your observations are all true :)

    1. More to come in the near future, that's for sure! Thank you for stopping by and leaving this awesome comment! (:

  4. The mexican restaurant 'Amigos' has quite a lot of vegan options as well :) they serve a vegan menu as well as a vegetarian menu, where they also say they can substitute the regular cheese with a vegan cheese.Their food is very delicious! :)

  5. Браво Александра. Одличен осврт на рестораните. Според мене, сите треба само малку да се подобрат во поглед на иновативноста на менито (не е веганската храна само сендвич, салаи и чиа пудинг).
    Поздрав и продолжи така :)

  6. Најдобрите веге бургери во градот се дефинитивно во Vegan 365 Kitchen (близу соборна)! :)