What is the best mascara I have ever used?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The mascara is an essential in every girl's makeup bag and it is something everybody uses. It is mainly because it literary opens up your eyes. But when you go to get one at the store, you get so overwhelmed by the many possibilities that you may get an instant headache. Not only a mascara is one of the main assets in every brand but usually a makeup brand has many different products to offer you and all of them are fantastic. At least that is what they all say.

As I was going through my makeup collection I realized that I keep so much things I don't need or use anymore, especially old and used mascaras. The only reason I keep them is to remind myself that I need to write a review on them or buy the same thing again, which never happens. So, here I am writing this post just minutes before I throw all of them.

First of all, you have to remember that a mascara only lasts 6 months from the moment it is opened. So, when you go to the store to get your brand new one, be careful and look for a one that is protected in plastic not just covered with tape. Look for a newer one that is in the back of the line or ask someone to give you a new one. At least you will know that you are the first person to open that product and not have a mascara that is dead in a week or two.

When you are looking for a specific mascara you are always asked what do you want to achieve: longer lashes, darker lashes, more volume, more curl? But all I want is a mascara that doesn't leave me with clumps and doesn't  make my lashes look like spider legs. Seriously, it is that simple. I know that they always come up with a better and improved formula and a more interesting and effective wand, but at the end of the day they look all the same to me, except for the packaging and the prize tag.

Also, I don't have time for a second coat of mascara. If it doesn't work the first time, why should it work the second time? And those mascaras with two ends.. who has patience to open one end, apply the product, close that end, open the other end, apply that and than close it. Too much work for something that can be really simple.

I don't take the mascara that serious, so that's why I would never spend too much money on it. I would invest in a eye shadow palette, but I don't believe in a mascara that does wonders. If I want eyelashes that are 30 times bigger, longer and better than mine I would simply apply fake ones and spare myself from the disappointment. But on a day to day basics, I just want my eyelashes to be darker, longer and with more volume without any clamps, please.

My most favorite one WAS the Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Volum' Express mascara. A pretty long name, right. But, I am not using products that are tasted on animals anymore,  so that is the ending of our love story. If you don't care for the animals and you are an emotionless human being who only cares about nice eyelashes, go get that mascara. If you do care, find a cruelty free brand that creates mascara that gives the similar effect.

The same goes to the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D false Lash Effect in 4 Dimensions. I really enjoyed this mascara long time ago but L'Oreal tests on animals and I wont invest in that. It is a shame, really,  to be one of the biggest brands in the world and to do such thing when you have the option no to do so. I mean, hey, it is the 21 century and you can invent new and better products, but you are too comfortable to change your way of tasting products? Please.

An interesting product was the Avon Mega Effects Mascara. It was a new revolutionary way to apply mascara and yeah, it did pretty well but it was so hard to take it off you end up looking like a panda in the morning from a leftover product hidden in your eyelashes. Also, Avon is a well known company that makes a lot of money and tests the products on animals too. Interesting part is that the company and their employees deny this to be true when everybody knows there is solid proof of that.

Nope, wont spend my money there. It is now worth it. No animal needs to hurt, suffer and die because of me, thank you very much. I can find my products where I know for sure they develop them in a cruelty free way.

Until recently I was using the GOSH Cosmetics Rebel Eyes. It is a cruelty free brand, yey! The mascara is long wearing volume mascara with sea buckthorn. I really liked it and I wrote a review on it that you can read it here. But, the wand broke and I can't use it anymore. I was using it for more than four months and I did like it but I wouldn't repurchase it because I am always looking for a new product to write a review on.

Another interesting detail is that not all mascaras come with the same amount of product. This is something that is new to me because I thought the mascara comes equal in how much product they offer. I was so wrong because some of them start at 7 ml and they go up till 13.1 ml of product, at least in my mascara collection. So, you don't only pay for the formula of the product and the magical wand but also you pay for how much product you get. Remember that.
At the moment I am using the Golden Rose Wonder Lash Mascara. It gives volume to the lashes and it lifts them up but sometimes I get so much product on the wand that I end up getting clamps on my lashes, which irritates me a lot! It makes them dark and dramatic but it does not separates them or gives them any noticeable length. The wand is okay, nothing special. With this mascara you get 12 ml of product.

I am still searching for the next big thing. 

What is your favorite mascara? 

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  1. Одлична рецензија! За мене најдобра маскара (од која го трошам петтото пакување) е
    Golden Rose Essential - Great Curl & Volume Mascara, од најновата линија на Golden Rose маскарите.
    На линков можеш да видиш слика - пред и потоа, ја имав ставено во омилени производи :)
    Порано користев маскара од Maybelline, која ја имав купено во странство, се покажа одлично, но кога ја купив овде имаше комплетно различна формула и скроз ја баталив цела линија, а не ни знаев дека тестираат на животни.

    Sanja's Burgundy Blog
    Sanja's Burgundy Blog on Facebook

    1. Фала ти за прекрасниот коментар! <3

  2. Летово пред да отидам на одмор барав некоја поефтина маскара, на мајка ми и се свиѓаше маскарата што веќе ја имав, а обично кога одам на море не ставам шминка освен во вечерните часови за искачање. Имаше некое намалување во dm продавниците и ја земав маскарата на Rimmel-Extra Super Lash. За мене ова ми е најомилена маскара. Одлично ги издолжува и ги дефинира трепките, не остава грутчиња, buildable е и многу често нанесувам од маскарата без да ги навиткам трепките и изгледаат прекрасно. Но за жал, само што прочитав на гугл дека не се cruelty-free :(

    1. Ептен ми е жал за Rimmel, навистина ми се допаѓаа нивните производи пред да сфатам дека и тие се дел групата која упорно тестира на животни.

  3. My absolute fave is Better Than Sex by Too Faced. It's 100% cruelty free and vegan.

    1. In my opinion $23 is too much for a mascara that only lasts 6 months. But I've heard nice things about it, I would try it if it's ever going to get cheaper. (: