Blush, baby blush!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I remember as a very young child, I would stand by the door of the bathroom and I would spy on my mother as she was applying makeup to her face. She would take some of her favorite red lipstick and put it on her cheeks. Make up was her everyday ritual and I loved watching her get ready. 

Once, not so long ago, one friend asked me: "Why do you cover your natural red cheeks with foundation and then you put some blush on the same place?" Well, let me tell you this. I am so pale, my face has no color in the first place. If I don't put blush on my face, I look like I have died some time ago. 

Jokes aside, when I was younger, I did not like blush. I liked being pale. When I started doing other peoples makeup, I realized that some people like their cheeks red, and others like them with a little bit of color on them. For the longest time I have been using only one blush, and that was the Lancôme Blush Subtil that I got from my mother. It was working great with every makeup look that I created and I liked it a lot.

Then I got the Deborah Milano Hi-tech Blusher in Cacao. I got it because my friend was talking about it so much. I liked it, I have to say that. This product was my transition to the contouring side because it was like a bronzer and a blusher at the same time. It was also perfect for warmer days and darker skin tones.

Then, I went to America and I left all my makeup at home with the idea that I would get everything I need from there. The bloggers and youtubers that I follow made me buy the Maybelline Fit ME Blush in Light Rose, just because it had a little blush inside. That was the moment I realized that I did not like pink blushes on me. 

But then I got the NYX Blush in PB02 Dusty Rose. This was love at first sight. This was the one. I loved the color, the texture, the price and the fact that it was a cruelty free product. I would recommend this product to anyone. I was using it until recently and I would repurchase it for sure. 

Next, because I love their products so much, I got the Aura Glorious Cheeks Powder Blush in 215 Deep Wine. I was so excited for this color because i reminded me of the one from NYX, but it was a total disappointment! I wrote the same thing in my Drugstore Makeup Haul ♡ Aura, no matter how much you try, there is no pigment, no color, nothing. The product does not work! I've heard that they worked on a new formula and the product is now better, but I have not tried it yet. It broke my heart, there is no coming back from that.

Before I go to the best blush i have used in my life, I must say that i am pretty impressed by the Aura blushes of the Geisha Collection. I have the one in Maiko and I really like it. I wrote a review on it if you want to read more about it. This blush is in my top three for sure, but the only reason it is not my ultimate favorite is because you really have to be careful with it. It is really, extremely pigmented! You can easily put too much and look like a clown. So a little goes a long way.

the top one is 04 Rose and the one on the bottom is 15 Rosy
And here comes the best for last! The best blusher I have ever used and still using daily is the Seventeen Cosmetics Natural Matte Silky Blusher in 04 Rose. This was an unexpected obsession. The color is gorgeous, the pigment is on point, it apples smoothly and it lasts until I take it of. The best part is that it makes me look and feel healthy and beautiful, so i know it works wonderful on me.
I also have another one in a different, lighter shade 15 Rosy Blush, but the other one I like more for sure. I love Rose, I like Rosy, simple as that.

For applying the blush, I don't really know any other way except with a blush brush. For my application, most of the time I like using the Sigma Powder/Blush F10 brush, but sometimes when that brush is not clean I would use the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

Did you enjoy this blog post?
Do you have a favorite blush? Do you have any recommendations?  

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  1. Си собрала добра колекција на руменила :) Јас мака мачам со одбирање руменило, знам дека не сакам розеви, а потемните ми се многу портокалови, претемните - бронзери.
    Не знам да одберам ни дали сакам перли, дали сакам теракота, дали сакам некој друг тип..
    Сепак, од оние кои ми оставиле впечаток, со боја и пигментација, е дефинитивно Catrice Defining Blush и постојано го препорачувам на сите.

    Најново ми е Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blusher, па ако се покаже добро - и него ќе го фалам :)

    Sanja's Burgundy Blog
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    1. леле не знаеш колку време меркам едно од Catrice ама никако да го земам, сега уште повеќе ќе го мислам! :D

  2. Jas go koristam spomenatoto rumenilo od Aura i sum mnogu zadovolna. Pigmentirano i mn ubavo se blendira. Bi ti go preporacala rumeniloto od artdeco 02, nema podobro dolgotrajno i sovrseno se vklopuva so sekoj izgled!!