My New Vegan Body Skin Care Routine

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Taking care of your skin is really important. And not just the skin of your face, but the skin on your entire body. We almost forgot to take care of it during the cold, winter days and we leave it for the warmer spring days. I think this is because no one likes to take a shower and then have an entire body skin care routine when it is cold outside and all you want to do is dress immediately and cover with warm blankets. So I decided that I need to change this. I needed an inspiration and a motivation to take a better care of my skin in winter. Because your body needs love throughout the whole year and you know this!

I love chocolate! I love the taste of it, the smell of it and the feeling that it gives me! So, when I saw these products at my local dm drogeriemarkt I was instantly amazed! The Balea schoko love shower gel comes in two different sizes, one is 250 ml and the other is 350 ml. First of all: the design! They look so cute and adorable! The immediately caught my eye and I got instant heart eyes! The second thing is the perfect smell OMG you need this in your life! Your shower will smell like chocolate heaven! It makes your skin sooo soft, smooth and silky. After you are done with your long and dreamy shower, next is the body lotion. This Balea bodylotion Kakao applies easily and is absorbed quickly into the skin. This precious cocoa body lotion makes your skin even softer and it is a nice finish to your body skin care.

These products are so affordable and the cherry on top: they are vegan!

You don't need perfume anymore. You don't need anything anymore. This is all you need in your life. You will thank me later.

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