Pop of color! #wingedwednesday

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I love eyeliners. If you have been following me for a while you would know that I don't really create makeup looks that are without any eyeliner, just because I love the magic that an eyeliner can do. So, I decided to add a little challenge to my blog and create different eyeliner looks every Wednesday and call that day #wingedwednesday! This way I can test many products as well as experiment with new looks and we can have fun at the same time! How do you like this idea?

So, to start things right, for the first #wingedwednesday I challenged myself to use colored eyeliner. I like my eyeliner as I like my coffee, black and strong, and to use a color was stepping out of my comfort zone, for sure. For this I got the s.he stylezone quick eye liner from my local dm drugstore. This product was the inspiration and the motivation for this challenge.

 As I was searching for a new eyeliner I realized that every brand offers a black eyeliner but not many give you more color options to choose from. And when I saw this beautiful petrol green color I knew I have to get it and try it! This Quick Eye Liner was comes in four different colors: black, blue, purple and petrol green. It is not expensive at all, it is vegan and it looks like a pen.

I have used an eyeliner like this maybe once or twice before in my life so I was trying it on my hand first so I can see how it works the best. My first impression was that it applied easily, it dried quickly, it didn't smudge at all and after it was dry you could not get it of. It was just like a permanent marker but for your eyes. So, my advice is that you use it carefully and you take your time because when the line is done, it is done, there is no turning back!

The other products I got were also from the same brand s.he stylezone. The mascara All In One is great, I really like it, I chose this one because of the brush and it really gives you volume and ultimate length to your eyelashes, as it says that it will on the packaging. It is affordable and vegan just like most of the products from this German brand, which I really like.

The eye pencil Khol Kajal in number 009 is a similar color as the eye pencil but little lighter. It is soft and smooth, it goes really nice on the lash line but not so much on the waterline of the eye. But I like how it opens up the eyes and gives them that pop of color. This product may not be vegan because it does not say anything about it on the website.

The last one is the Dip eyeliner waterproof in 001 Black. I had to get one black eyeliner too! I wanted to try an eyeliner with a different kind of a brush and I must say it was hard! It was the first time in my life to use an eyeliner with a brush like this one and it took me so much time to do it! Overall it is a nice product and it will be your new favorite if you like brushes like this one.

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Do you have any product that you would recommend them to me or that you would like me to try and review for you? Leave a comment down bellow and I will make sure to make that happen.

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