Easy Healthy & Tasty Lunch Idea: Vegan Burrito

Sunday, March 26, 2017

It is Sunday and you are too lazy to cook. I know that feeling. This is more of an idea, a suggestion of a really easy to prepare burrito, that happens to healthy, tasty and vegan. You can experiment with it, you can add to it, you can mix it or keep it really simple. But here is how I like it the best:

Black beans, in their true form or nicely blended so you create a paste.
White rice, boiled or baked
Yellow Corn, as much as you prefer
Lots of white mushrooms, fresh or fried for few minutes with your favorite spices
Vegan yellow cheese, I love the Violife vegan cheese with herbs
Green salad, chopped into small pieces 
and few or more tortillas, to wrap everything up with

The tortillas need to be warmed up in a microwave or on a frying pan for few seconds. Don't leave them for too long because they will become hard, easy to break into small pieces and you won't be able to wrap everything up nicely.

~ Few tips and tricks ~
When adding the ingredients: Put little from everything. Don't make one fat burrito that will be harder to wrap and easy to fall apart while eating.
When wrapping the burrito: First take the bottom part over the middle and then take the sides.

If this is your first burrito ever:
Just remember that less material is more and patience while wrapping is the key.

And you are done! This can be an awesome party, movie or comfort food. 

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