Essence Foundation and Compact Powder Review + First Impression

Friday, April 07, 2017

I love the idea of a nice and easy BB or a CC creme, to be honest. But, I can't find the right one that actually, perfectly matches my skin tone and makes my application experience way easier than applying a regular foundation. The only reason I wanted those products were to find a lighter coverage option that I could wear everyday without my face feeling too heavy or being too obvious that I wear makeup that much. I just wanted a product that feels nice on my skin, applies easily, gives a smooth touch and gives a nice healthy look on my skin.

I simply wanted a product that will make my face look flawless but at the same time make people ask if I am wearing any foundation on.

Then, some time ago, when I was searching through the makeup section of my favorite drugstore, I noticed that Essence came up with a new foundation. I took the Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer and I also got the Mattifying Compact Powder because I have this weird need my foundation to match my powder. These products were not expensive at all and Essence is a cruelty free German brand so, I decided to give it a go and try this combo, using it as a part of my light everyday makeup routine.

My first impression of the Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer was that is had a scent like a nice sun cream and it instantly gave me summer vibes. Before I applying it to my face I used a primer  as I always do and for application I used my Ebelin Professional Make-up Blender that I have been loving since day 1. The texture of this foundation is creamy, it applies easily, set quickly and it gives a silky matte, flawless finish, that does not look like you are wearing a mask. It surprised me, really, I wasn't expecting that, to be honest.

Because I am a hard core coverage person, I would not say this is a high coverage foundation. I would say it provides a nice, medium coverage. It did cover up nicely, but I prefer a perfectly nice, blank canvas. I know people who like a more natural look for a daily foundation, so this one is made just for you. For me, I would use concealer anyway, mostly for those dark circles under my eyes and for those annoying red spots on my forehead.

This foundation is truly long lasting. It stays all day without any correction. I am truly impressed. I wear this all the time, and at the end of the day I am amazed how it never fills my lines or pores and just stays there like that. I also like that it is sleek and it is perfect for your makeup bag, so it is travel friendly for sure.

Let's talk about that one BIG FLAW.
This foundation is only available in 3 shades: 10 ivory beige, 20 nude beige and 30 honey beige. I took the lightest of them all and I had luck matching me perfectly but if you are darker or paler than I am, I don't think you will find a matching shade with this foundation.

For setting the product, I used the Essence Mattifying Compact Powder which is a great product as well. I got the shade 10 Light Beige and it was a great match for me. It instantly gives the skin that matte I am always looking for, it is soft and silky and it really goes well with the foundation. Great combo!

After a month of trying it and wearing it I must say I love this product. I don't like when people skip Essence because they think it is only for younger people and teens. This product does the job nicely and deserves some recognition. I would recommend this to anyone. Especially to those who want to do their makeup as quick as possible, to create a simple "no makeup" makeup look in few steps and not worry about their foundation all day.

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