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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I love the feeling of clean and nourished skin. Once or twice a week I set aside some extra time for deep cleaning, and detailed facial skin care. The use of face masks is not only useful and effective, but also fun especially in the company of your close friends or during fun mani pedi session. Here are a few masks that I have been using lately that I wanted to share with you.

Balea Soft&Clear facial mask against blackheads 2х8 ml

 This mask with salicylic acid, healing mud and zinc, and my favorite so far from those that I had the opportunity to try. Designed for those who feel that their skin is dirty because it acts against impurities and dirt, it deep cleans the skin while simultaneously gives it a matte finish and smooths the overall appearance. Before I use it, I always clean my face with a face cleaning gel and nicely wash it with warm water. Always use it on dry and clean skin. Apply the mask evenly over the entire face, but avoid the area around the eyes and lips. I leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then I remove it with warm water and sponge. After its use, the skin is clean, shiny and tighten. This mask is best to be used once or twice a week. The packaging is intended for two uses.
Dermatologically tested and vegan. Its price is less than 1 euro.

Balea Peel-Off face mask 2х8 ml

This mask is with witch hazel extract and apricot and it is designed for combination skin. It is interesting to remove, as you peel it you can feel the dead skin coming off, and it has a wonderful scent. Deep cleans the skin, removes dead particles, dirt and grease while simultaneously nourishes and smooths the skin. It also hydrates and refreshes while protecting it from losing moisture. Just like the previous mask it is applied to clean skin except for the area around the eyes and lips. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it starting from the sides toward the middle of the face. The remains are washed with warm water. After its use the skin is remarkably smooth and tight. It is used two or three times a week.
The packaging is intended for two uses.
Dermatologically tested. The price of this mask is less than 1 euro.

Balea Creme-Gel face mask 3х5 ml

This mask is designed for all skin types and creates a wonderful cooling effect that simultaneously relaxes and nourishes the skin. It contains active ingredients of ginger and bisabolol intended to calm the skin while it gives soft texture and also makes the skin supple. Like any mask, it is applied to clean skin. What is interesting about this mask is that after I applied the mask to my face I immediately began to feel the cooling effect. I felt relaxed and I fully enjoyed the feeling while I let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove it with cosmetic cotton pads while you gently massage the face. Even thought it said that you do not need to wash your face, I did need to because I felt like I did not fully remove it with the cotton pads. Packaging intended for three uses. Dermatologically tested. Its price is less than 1 euro.

I am very pleased with these masks and I can not wait to try few more because the selection is large, diverse, and there is always something new to try. Do not forget to choose the mask that is designed for your skin type. I have combination skin and these were great masks for me as they did acted the way they were suppose to. I look forward to that special day of the week and the time I set aside to spoil myself and the skin on my face. If you still don't do it, you don't know what you are missing. Allow yourself some time to rest, to take good care of yourself and your skin will be most thankful.

Ps. These masks and many others you can find in all dm drogerie markt / dm drogerie markt Makedonija

* Selfie with a face mask is the best selfie *
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  1. И јас обожавам маски за лице. Кај овие од Balea ми се допаѓа огромниот избор и поволните цени.
    Секогаш пробувам нови за различни намени, но секогаш се враќам на Dead Sea маските, најомилени ми се :)

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