Most Favorite Liquid Lipstick Ever!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

This year is all about liquid lipsticks! Everybody are wearing them, everybody are loving them, everybody are talking about them! So, as usual, I was so excited when I saw that GOSH Cosmetics came up with their own version of the fiery trend. The simply called Liquid Matte Lips is a collection of 8 beautiful matte colors that range from the lightest nude to the darkest purple.

First of all, the packaging is made of nice plastic, it is made to be sleek, modern and simple. The top part is matte black, the middle is where the name of the brand stands and the bottom is see through with the name of the product written on it. It opens nicely and it closes with a click so you are sure no air comes through. The applicator is angled, precise and easy to use.

Applying the product on you lips goes smoothly and evenly. The consistency feels creamy and soft and it does not have any scent to it. You only need one coat to get that intense color. After the product dries on your lips you get a long lasting matte finish. After wearing it for a long time, your lips are not dry at all but the opposite, you feel like they are nicely moisturized. The product stays in place, it does not smudge and your lips feel comfortable wearing it.

Liquid Matte Lips : 001 Candy Floss, 007 Nougat Crisp, 008 Arabian Night

The Liquid Matte Lips contain LIPerfection that not only adds moisture to the lips, but also increases the microcirculation of the lips, thus increasing the volume of the lips. The Liquid Matte Lips also contain an extract that comes from the dandelion leaves. Dandelion is rich in carotenoids, vitamins and minerals, flavonoids and sterols. The leaves contain more vitamin A than a carrot, and is also rich in B, C and D vitamin. It is proven to be anti-inflammatory, have antioxidant effect and seem soothing to the skin. The LIPerfection (Ecocert certified) is based on mustard sprouts that instantly makes lips fuller and provides them with moisture, reduces fine lines and gives them a fuller and firmer look.

I wanted to get all 8 shades but at the end I decided to buy only 3 so I can test them out. The colors I got are: 001 Candy floss, 007 Nougat Crisp, 008 Arabian Night. I can easily say that for the past month or so I have been constantly using them and wearing them. I have been reaching for them more than I would use a normal lipstick and I don't have the need of a lip pencil. I am deeply in love with these products and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that loves lip products. You will be amazed. I know I was and I still am.

As you all know GOSH Cosmetics is a Cruelty Free company. The Liquid Matte Lips are suitable for vegans too.


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